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Manna James Rao

"These past 5 months of my life in School Of Design have been one of the best times. I got to know that there's more to Designing apart from sketching and painting. What I find the most interesting is that how this course is about more than just Design and focuses on different aspects like sociology and psychology. The faculty introduce each topic in such manner that it helps us see the bigger picture and how everything matters. Being a part of a course like this is something I'm always going to be proud of.”

Damiya Jaswani

"Studying Design in NMIMS School of Design is a 24/7 learning experience. The way design is taught here evokes curiosity and makes design seem like the most intriguing course to pursue. Furthermore, the best part about pursuing design here is how approachable and caring the faculty is, and the opportunities we get to collaborate with our peers on various assignments, making the overall experience extremely enriching. It’s like a home away from home.” 

Sulekha Bajpai

"One of the best and smart decisions of my life was to come to Nmims School of Design. The transformation that I have experienced in such short span of time is because of the way they teach, it’s fun, playful and smart. The realisation after joining this course was there is too much to offer and take from things around you. Having expectations is obvious but without a doubt I got more. The course offered by this institute is a beautiful blend of technology and business management. The facilities are top notch and all the faculty members are very encouraging and helpful.” 

Kashish Ramrakhiani

""What new will I learn today?", is the question I ask myself every morning before coming to college. This is a place where each day is a new experience and invites compelling challenges. The enthusiastic faculty members make the subjects fun and interesting. They are approachable and never fail to guide us through the right path.” 

Atharv Shringare

"This course offers variety in a new way for a Design course. The journey so far has been a good one and has boosted my confidence. Every lecture is like a stepping stone to that particular module, this can be realised at the term-end. Doing work together has never been so much fun and this course has given the opportunity to communicate effectively in a group as much as it has taught me skills. The facilities provided are the best in class and never are compromised for any reason." 

Shreyas Gangaram

"I am very glad that I am pursuing Bachelor of Design (B. Des) course at the School of Design, NMIMS. The teaching orientation is by mentoring towards skill enhancement and closest professional experience unlike the exam oriented teaching in other institutions. The faculty and the visiting faculty who are industry professionals collaborate to encourage practical learning and nourish the talents nearest to the industry requirements. ” 

Anantika Sethi

"All the time that I have spent in this design college till now, certainly has been an experience. There is something new that I get to learn everyday which I could never have imagined to learn in a design school. The curriculum is designed in such an amazing way that I am positive it will mould me into a designer that the future needs. All the encouragement and personal mentoring for assignments that we get just motivates me to work harder and perform better. It’s extremely multidisciplinary design education represents a culture which encourages us to think, question and challenge norms. I am convinced that School of Design is the best destination for my career and with its help, I could surely emerge as a globally competent designer who will be proud to be an alumnus of School of Design.” 

Shreya Saraf

At NMIMS SOD, one enters a world of hard work, dedication, discipline, motivation and of course, loads of fun. Each semester is very well structured where each module leads to the next one. The teachers are honest while giving the feedback and this helps get us ready for the real world right from the start. The entire course is based on the motto "learn by doing”. Due to this, the spirit of collaboration is encouraged. With the teachers’ guidance, we create things that we would otherwise never expect ourselves to. We are encouraged to explore and let our minds wander to find new ideas. The perfect mix of a great faculty, excellent course, comfortable environment and students from diverse backgrounds makes this experience all the more exciting. It makes you look at things differently. It inspires you and opens up your mind to see the tiniest of things in the most interesting manner. This is what makes us love what we do, thus creative in the way we do it. 

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